About us

We at Sjöblad are a sincere and genuine company with a set of values ​​that states, we care - for real! We are used to get things done, strategically, planned and with a result that requires accuracy and love, with long experience in construction, cleaning, sales, marketing, purchasing & logistics. Together we formed Sjöblad when we took our visions and standards from Sweden to Spain.

We want you as a customer to have a worry-free living in Spain, as we understand the cultural differences and language barriers that are so common.

We do not believe in mediocre solutions, vague promises, and no-show meetings. We know so well what a customer expects and offer nothing less!

During our years in Spain, we have built up a wide network of contacts. One of our main qualities is actually our own personality. We hope for a personal meeting with you so you can experience Sjöblad's spirit and feel the peace of mind that you are well taken care of regardless of project.

We offer a range of services to simplify your life, but with Swedish standards and a promise of security, because we care - for real!

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